This coming spring of 2014 it will be 70 years since the Jews from Cluj-Napoca were deported and taken to the ghettos from Auschwitz extermination camp.

At the time, within only a few weeks (3 May – 9 June 1944) over 16.000 of hard-working and peaceful Jews living in Cluj-Napoca – Kolozsvár were taken from their homes, deported and for the most part, exterminated.
On this occasion, the Jewish community of Cluj-Napoca wishes to organize a series of commemorative events, such as:

  • Hazkara and a religious service at The Memorial Temple to the Deported Synagogue;
  • Unveiling the monument erected with the support of Cluj-Napoca City Hall in memory of the victims of the Holocaust (or laying the foundation stone);
  • Scientific symposium with international attendance;
  • Documentary exhibition;
  • The traditional assembly of the graduates of The Jewish High-School of Cluj-Napoca (Zsidlic, 1940-1944) who have survived the Holocaust.

The organizers wish that this commemoration might become an opportunity to gather together the Jews from all over the world who have their origin in Cluj-Napoca, their descendents, their families and their friends.

The events will take place between the 26th-27th of May 2014 and the detailed schedule shall be communicated in advance.