The Shira Hadasha Choir

About Choir

Known also with the name of Talmud Tora, the choir was established after the war and it does two functions:

The choir was leaded by Elsa Freundlich, Marta Weiss and from 1985 to the present by Halmos Katalin

Corul Shira Hadasha

The choir ensures the musical part of every religos celebrations and ceremonials kept mostly at the Memorial Temple of the Deported on street Horea. Besides these holidays the most
important activity of the choir take place at Purim. Because Purim has an emphasised laical aspect and it is destinated for the general public, this show is not kept in the synagogue. Other shows take place at Hanukah, Hazkara and beginning with 2011 at the meetings of Armenians and Jews.

For a while the choire did not have instrumental accompaniment. After the revolution the piano accompaniment was realized by Judit Babos, at the last few events by Pusztai Emanuel
and the violin accompaniment by Vasile Socea.

In 2001 the choir participated at the inauguration of the synagogue from Tg. Mures, sang at the Jewish Choir Festival in Brasov, in 2003 attended the inauguration of the Holocaust
memorial from Tg. Mures, in 2014-2015 at purim the members of the choir sang solo in different musicals such as Fiddler on the Roof by J. Bock, Westside Story by Bernstein or Porgy and Bess by Gershwin. Besides they sang duetts and arias as the Cat duet of Rossini.